ASIO Renderer

10/27/2012 – Asio Renderer 1.1 Release

+added possibility to change audio renderer.
+fixed incompatibility with multi channel audio
+bugs fixed.

ASIO Renderer is a Directshow audio renderer that will use ASIO for output. It uses ASIO to play audio from media files using WMP, Media Player Classic etc.

You can use this audio filter as a Directshow audio renderer. Try it to view what it can do for you.

Here are some key features of “ASIO Renderer”:

· 32bit floating point audio
· automatically rejects sample formats that are not supported by the sound card
· Can be used with any Directshow application: grapheditor, WMP, Media Player Classic etc


Asio Renderer is freeware for personal use. It is not necesary to pay, but if you wish to support the development and want to make a donation we will highly apreciate.

Asio Renderer x86
Asio Renderer x64